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Microsoft Sync:

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

By Kristen Aaron

Microsoft Sync

This is the Ford Taurus X; one of the many models in the Ford line-up that offer the new Sync powered by Microsoft. The Sync is basically an entertainment system that lets people stay connected while they’re behind the wheel.

Sync Usage Diagram

It sounds great right? Not so much; trying to use the thing is hard when you’re sitting still, so imagine the frustration people would have while driving. The Ford Taurus by itself is a very nice SUV, 5-star rating on impacts on each side, 6 standard airbags, Advance Trac Electronic Stability Control System, and so much more.

Video:Talking to Microsoft Sync


• Voice activated calling
• Answer and End Calls
• Receive text messages and have them read to you
• Voice activated change CDs and MP3 device
• Connect to Sync with some Bluetooth-enabled phones


• Not able to reply to text messages
• Only 12 phones have the ability to connect with Bluetooth
• Only can work with some USB Music Storage or Digital Media devices