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MySpace Music

By Andy May

Everyday I check my band’s MySpace music page, and we get numerous new friend requests and messages throughout the day. Most of these new fans are actually from outside the Saint Louis area (our hometown) and are in other states and in some cases even outside the country.

Thanks to MySpace, kids around the globe are able to check out our music and stay updated with any kind of news we make available. Most importantly, MySpace has made it very easy to book and promote shows. Through messaging and sometimes bulletins, we are able to get in contact with kids across the country and book shows in places we never even thought about going.

For instance, we are in the midst of booking an east coast tour at the end of this May. Through MySpace we contact friends, bands, promoters, or any fan interested in seeing us throughout the east coast. Most of the time we personally message these people but sometimes we resort to posting bulletins, and hopefully kids respond with helpful information on who to contact and where to play.

In addition to helping getting shows booked, MySpace also makes our music readily available for kids to listen to if they’ve never heard us. I couldn’t imagine going hundreds if not thousands of miles away from home to cities where kids might not even come out because they’ve never heard of us.

So all in all, thanks to MySpace, we are able to network across the world and even make our music available to any kid with an Internet connection. In addition, possibly the best part of MySpace is that all of these perks of being a member of this online community is free!