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Students Save Big!

By Nathan Cowen

Recently the taxman gave me a lump of money for overpaid taxes. I contemplated being smart and putting the money in savings, but alas I did what a majority of Americans would do, SPEND IT! I have wanted a drawing tablet for years, so I decided to price them. After talking to several friends and doing a little research I decided to get one. I checked E-Bay, Amazon and Overstock.com to find the best prices, but they were still a little rich for my blood. With one last hope I searched Google.

To my surprise I found a site that catered to the needs of the poor college kids. Academic Superstore offered the tablets I so desperately wanted, in a price range I could afford. The only stipulation was that I had to verify that I was a student. They offered several ways to verify my educational status. I could fax a copy of my schedule, a validated school ID or I could simply enter some information in on the website and they could verify for me. Needless to say I let them do the hard work and in a few days I was enjoying my time-saving tablet.

Academic Superstore is not the only site to give a break to students. Creation Engine, and JourneyEd are a few other examples. Most of them carry hardware and software for a discounted rate. The one stipulation is that it is educational software. In other words, it is only supposed to be used for school purposes, not for profit.