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Time Travel a Reality

By Katie Hoyt

A year ago, Britney Spears asked that brilliant question about whether or not the events in Back to the Future were possible. Congratulations Britney, that question is not quite as ridiculous as it should have been.

The Daily Telegraph in London recently broke a story reporting that time travel could become a possibility within months, according to two Russian scientists. The two mathematical physicists are Professor Irina Aref’eva and Dr. Igor Volovich, and they believe that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland may be able to manufacture another Big Bang, allowing particles to travel through time.

The Daily Telegraph also reports, “Earth’s gravity produces only gentle distortions in space-time but the vast amounts of energy produced by the LHC could distort time so much that it loops back on itself, creating ‘wormhole’ tunnels that would, in theory at least, allow us to revisit the past. The vast experiment at CERN [A European Organization for Nuclear Research], due to begin in early summer, could provide a landmark because traveling into the past is only possible – if at all possible – as far back as the point of creation of the first time machine.”

So perhaps 2008 will become year 0 for time travel.

As amazing as this all sounds, many skeptics abroad have evidence to discount this experiment and also emphasize the fact that even if these “wormholes” are ripped through time, they would only be big enough for subatomic particles to travel through.

Dr. Brian Cox of the University of Manchester, said to the Daily Telegraph, “The energies of billions of cosmic rays that have been hitting the Earth’s atmosphere for five billion years far exceed those we will create at the LCH, so by this logic time travelers should be here already. If these wormholes appear I will personally eat the hat I was given for my first birthday before I received it.”

Time travel seems to be on the public’s mind as of late. Also just this month, the popular television series Lost spun the possibility of time travel into its already intricate and ever-evolving web of storylines with the episode titled “The Constant.” The episode centered on character Desmond Hume, who begins to shift consciousness between present day 2004 and 1996. Throughout the episode Desmond’s physical presence never jumps through time, only his mind, making for an exciting and original take on the possibility of time travel