AT&T U-Verse

By Greg Craft

I've been through it all—standard analog television and satellite and cable, so when I heard AT&T was getting in on the fun I had to give it a try. The all-new AT&T U-Verse is AT&T’s version of cable bundled together with the Internet. It’s a big step in a new direction for AT&T and with it comes the natural newcomer flaws.

The channels offered are basically the same as those offered by cable and satellite providers, with a few extra HD channels. It has the same basic functions like VOD (video on-demand) and DVR (digital video recorder). A couple of nice unique features are the picture-in-picture channel guide, which allows you to see what’s on the other channels before you go to them, along with the ability to program your DVR from anywhere with an Internet connection.

The entire system is based off the telephone line running in your house, which has its limitations, especially with the HD channels. If you’re watching something in HD on one TV, then that’s the only TV set that will play HD at that time. This is due to the limited bandwidth the Ethernet cable provides. This problem also carries over to the DVR. U-Verse advertises that you can record up to four shows at once, but only when you have the right combination. You can’t watch an HD program while you record an HD program.

AT&T U-Verse

All in all, AT&T is offering something new and is of course going to continue to build on it, heightening its features and working out the kinks. It delivers a nice sharp picture and works well…when you have the right combination running in your house. If you’re interested in AT&T U-Verse checkout their website and make sure your area is covered before you sign up.