Bat Plane

By Nikki Roberts

The College of Engineering at the University of Michigan has been awarded $10 million by the United States Army to create a spy plane that resembles a bat. This 6 inch bat plane would be able to gather information and relay it back to a soldier in real time, according to C-Net news.

“They will develop sensors, communication tools, and batteries for this micro-aerial vehicle that's been dubbed ‘the bat.’ Engineers envision tiny cameras for stereovision, an array of mini microphones that could home in on sounds from different directions, and small detectors for nuclear radiation and poisonous gases. Low-power, miniaturized radar, and a very sensitive navigation system would help the bat find its way at night. Energy scavenging from solar, wind, vibration and other sources would recharge the bat's lithium battery. The aircraft would use radio to send signals back to troops,” according to