Delivering Movies Online

By Eddie Pritchard

Many companies are trying to find a way to get digital movie delivered to many consumers online in a more efficient way. Netflix does it, but the quality is still pretty low. But in the age of iTunes where any digital music, video or movie product is available, others believe there is still a better way to do it.

Digital entertainment company CinemaNow and Technicolor said on Tuesday they had developed a new digital movie delivery platform to sell to online retailers and hardware companies. Jason Alexander, director of marketing for privately held CinemaNow, said the company would seek to provide the platform to existing and new partners in the consumer electronics industry. CinemaNow currently provides an online movie service that is accessible through its own website as well on various devices.

The platform should make it easier for device makers and retailers to provide an online movie service and features functions like content encoding and encryption, digital rights management (DRM), ad management, order fulfillment across various consumer electronics categories.