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2008 Cadillac CTS

By Eddie Pritchard

I went to the 2008 Auto Trader Car Show in downtown St. Louis and stumbled across the brand new 2008 Cadillac CTS.

The CTS has always had a nice look to it, but the new sharp, “cutting edge” style is sweet.

What really caught my eye was the new navigation system inside. There is a pop up 8” LCD display that seems like it belongs in a James Bond film. This thing is amazing. It is touch screen with a crisp display. Is holds up to six disc and plays CDs, DVDs, AM/FM, XM satellite, or the new feature HDD (hard drive disk).

The HDD allows you to rip music from your CDs and store them on the cars’ drive. Nice. On this navigation system there is also a play and pause feature, which allows you to pause the radio. It will then buffer for up to 1 hour and whenever you hit play again the radio will start from where you left off.

08 CTS Screen

Also featured in the CTS is an Aux jack and USB jack. All you have to do is plug in you thumb drive and it will recognize any mp3s that you have on the drive. The standard CTS comes with a Bose system, but you can upgrade to a surround system for you DVD movies.

One bad thing about the Cadillac is that the hands free phone system is still with OnStar. There are no Bluetooth capabilities, which is a standard in many cars today.

Overall, this car is fabulous. The New 2008 Cadillac CTS starts off in a price range of $34,545.

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